Funner Labs is the secret hideout of Andy, Marc, and Brian. Our mission is to create tools that encourage play, uncover hidden sides of reality and unleash unknown abilities.

Our first collaboration happened at the Institute for Creative Technologies Graphics Lab. While there we contributed to the development of cutting-edge computer graphics which have filtered their way into some of the biggest and most exciting feature films and games, we also scanned the Parthenon with a laser.

After the Graphics Lab our paths diverged taking us to far off corners of the globe into fields as diverse as brain imaging, visual effects, cartoons, video games, and car design. Among other things, Marc designed the rear view mirrors on a $450k super car, Brian made Bruce Willis twenty years younger, and Andy wrote code to visualize brain scans.

In 2010, geographic and temporal limitations could no longer hinder our enthusiasm to collaborate and through the magic of video conferencing we formed Funner Labs.

Along with creating our own products we’re also collaborating with other brilliant minds, we love joining forces so please contact us if you have any ideas, praise, or feedback. We’re excited to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting!

Andy, Marc and Brian