Have your kids ever said “I’m not good at math?” Math proficiency is a skill that takes practice. People who are good have spent a lot of time doing it, the best one’s because they enjoy it. Alien Equation provides an environment for kids to experiment, instantly rewarding them for success, allowing math to be fun and fluid.

Alien Equation is a great way for kids to build fluency in subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division. Especially in practice mode where you can isolate any combination of these. We employ fancy AI that adjusts to the players ability while nudging them to try new things. It’s also a great tool for anyone who enjoys puzzle games and wants to beef up those scrawny neurons.

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When the navigation computer on your interstellar spaceship contracts a nasty virus and reverts to the intelligence of a three year old what do you do? Can you reteach the computer math while fending off the contagious invaders? Rearrange a grid of numbers and operators into enough valid equations before your system shuts down and strands you on a planet full of bipedal, hairless apes.


What people are saying:

“Alien Equation is a math app that really works your brain. “
“This is a great game for math practice and your kids won’t even realize they’re doing more than just playing a game.”
-The iPhone Mom

“Alien Equation is a great puzzle game with a unique educational twist.”
-Fresh Apps

“While there are plenty of apps … for straight-up drill and practice, Alien Equation also involves number sense and spatial reasoning.”
-Learning in Hand

“I don’t wanna go to lunch, I just want to stay in here and play this game.”
-Brianna, 5th Grader at Roots and Wings Charter School



  • A totally unique concept and mechanic that puts the player in the drivers seat. You progress by making equations but we don’t just spoon feed them to you like everyone else, you gotta make ’em up yourself.
  • Practice mode that lets you set the difficulty and isolate subtraction, addition, multiplication or division. Take it at your own pace, we won’t judge.
  • Three different kinds of special tiles to keep you on your toes.
  • Super polished interaction, art, animations, and sound.
  • iPod controls that let you listen to your own music.
  • Great AI that adjusts to the players ability while nudging them to try new things.
  • User profiles to keep track of your own personal progress.

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