UPDATE: Do to a recent iOS update many users are unable to save photos. To fix this go to settings>Privacy>Photos and set Slit-Scan to “ON”.

Slit-Scan Camera is your passport to the 4th dimension. Journey to a world freed from your rigid perception of time. With some creativity, you may reveal something that no human has ever seen.

Just look at how much fun we’re having!:

Still confused? Watch our tutorial and get demystified:

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At first strange and unpredictable, the world you knew is barely recognizable. Watch in real time as the live view records the ordinary, revealing unseen environments. On the street, people walk past and morph into putty-like beings, stretching along individual vectors. Speeding cars are compressed to comic proportions. Revolving doors twirl up into giant human juicers. This is just the beginning. Shoot the 4th dimension and rediscover your world!

How do we achieve this magic? Surely it must be sorcery, or reverse-engineered alien technology. Surprisingly the Slit-scan technique has been around since the 60’s. Remember in Star Trek when the Enterprise stretches into warp speed? Or the dramatic final sequence of 2001?


While standard photos give you a full frame image of a single moment, slit-scan photography captures the world one line at a time. You end up with a two dimensional image where one dimension is continuously and chronologically displaced. Trippy right? Historically this obscure technique has required arcane photography knowledge, cumbersome equipment and a mountain of cash. Now it’s intuitive, fits in the palm of your hand and free!


Slit-Scan Camera is brimming with cool features that can’t wait to be experimented with. Here are just a few:

  • Slit animation toggle: record the same line over and over or move the slit across the screen as it captures.
  • Use the pinch/unpinch gesture to change the width of the slit. Speed up the process by capturing up to ten lines at a time.
  • Move the slit position, just drag the line.
  • Swap the scan direction by tapping the triangle.
  • Live view on one side of the slit lets you see what you’re about to capture.
  • Intuitively crop your photos before you save.
  • iPhone 4 users can toggle the torch and use the front camera.
  • max resolution of 1024×480.
  • Upgrade to the pro version for $1.99 and get:

    Max resolution of 2048×640!

  • Rotate the slit 90 degrees to span the long side of the screen and get 640 instead of 480 pixels.
  • Tap in the live view to expose.
  • Auto focus, exposure and white balance toggle
  • No more ads!
  • Slit-Scan Camera works on the iPhone 3gs and higher and the 4th Generation iPod Touch and higher. If you like this app and want those extra features please consider the pro version by clicking on settings and selecting upgrade.