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Tips for better Slit-Scan photos:

Q: Why is it recording so slow?

A: The iOS cameras are limited to 30 frames per second. To compensate for this you can make the slit wider by using the unpinch gesture. The number in the middle of the triangle indicates the current width of the slit. Higher numbers equal faster recording speeds but tend to create jagged edges and appear to be lower resolution.

Q: Why are my photos all wobbly?

A: Stabilize the camera by propping it on a table or holding it against a window, better yet, use a tripod. We recommend the Joby Gorillamobile.

Q: Why are things getting compressed?

A: The faster a subject moves across the slit the more it gets compressed. You can try to get more distance between you and the subject as it will take it more time to move across the image plane the farther away it is. Or if you are using a scanning slit make sure the scan direction is in the same direction as the subject you are trying to capture.

Q: Why are things getting stretched?

A: The slower a subject moves across the slit the more it gets stretched. Motionless objects will appear as a continuous streak of pixels with a static slit.

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