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August Photo Contest!

Throughout August, Postagram is teaming up with Funner Labs to run the Slit-Scan Challenge. Take your favorite photos that were shot with the Slit-Scan camera app, and upload them to Twitter or Instagram with the tag #slitscanchallenge. On September 1st the judges will pick their favorite photos and the winners will be announced on the Postagram blog.

The winner will receive a Gorillapod tripod and 20 Postagram print credits, and one runner up will receive 10 Postagram credits.

Good luck!

-Andy, Marc and Brian


Thanks to everybody who downloaded Slit-Scan Camera! There is a V1.01 update available now that fixes some bugs.

-Andy, Marc and Brian


Wow. In less than two days, Slit-Scan Camera has become one of the top ten free photo apps on the App store! We are so happy that so many people are downloading our little app.  Thanks everyone!


Today  FunnerLabs released our photo app: Slit-Scan Camera on the iTunes App Store. It was even picked as the “App of the Day” on Gizmodo. We were very proud, but noticed something funny when we checked the Australian App Store. Apple had censored the name “Slit-Scan Camera” and changed it to “S**t-Scan Camera.”

Slit-Scan photography is a technique that has been around since the 60’s. It is as innocent as any photo capture technique can be, but wow,  “S**t-Scan” makes it seem really, really dirty.

The overzealous censor bots have auto-replaced every instance of the word “slit” in our text and inadvertently created comic gold with lines like: “automagically move the s**t across the screen as it captures.” I like it, we sound so hardcore. My all time favorite auto-censored line is: “- Use the pinch/unpinch gesture to change the width of the s**t.”


Our newest app, Slit-Scan Camera has only been on the App store for a few short hours and it is already featured as the “App of the Day” on Gizmodo! We are thrilled and hope that lots of people try it out. We worked really hard making what we think is the slit-scan dream package. As the article states,  “the joy of taking wacky warped pictures is universal. And the Slit-Scan Camera iPhone app is like Photo Booth on acid.” The effects can be unbelievably surreal and it is an understatement that “Slit-Scan Camera can give you “some seriously strange glimpses of the world around you.” The feature list is quite deep and there is endless fun in experimenting with all the capabilities. We look forward to seeing what people do with it.


We were casually browsing iTunes App Store the other day and spotted a familiar looking little green alien. We scratched our heads and thought “haven’t we seen that guy somewhere before?” Yup, that’s right Alien Equation is a featured app in the Apps for Learning Math section! We are delighted to be among such good company and proud that our little app  is getting some exposure.





4 ripe bananas

1 removable rotating tray from a microwave oven

1 iPhone or iPod Touch with our Slit-Scan Camera app installed

1 Tripod

1 candy bar



Remove the rotating tray from the microwave oven. (Note- If you forget this step, don’t complain to us as you scrape molten banana napalm off your microwave walls.) Artfully arrange your bananas on the tray.

Attach your iPhone to the tripod and open the Slit-Scan Camera app. Aim the camera at your arrangement and compose the shot so that the bananas fill the frame.

Move the slit over an interesting section of the bananas and toggle the slit animation button to “off.” Hit the record button and slowly spin the microwave turntable by gently tapping opposite edges in different directions. When you have captured a decent sized image, tap the flashing record button to stop and then the image icon to go to the crop screen. Crop you image and save your masterpiece.

See, making art isn’t hard, but you don’t need to tell your friends that. Now unwrap and eat that candy bar, you deserve it.



The virtual offices of Funner Labs are buzzing with excitement. We are proud to announce the release of our second app: Slit-Scan Camera. We have been deep in testing mode here at the labs making sure that our brand new app is ready to shine. We had a blast making and testing it and are sure you will enjoy it too. Go ahead and try it out, we can’t wait to see what you do with it. There is nothing to lose, since it’s free! Those of you who really like it can upgrade to the Pro version for just $1.99 and get:

-Max resolution of 2048×640!

– Rotate the slit 90 degrees to span the long side of the screen and get 640 instead of 480 pixels.

– Tap in the live view to expose

– Auto focus, exposure and white balance toggle

– No more ads!


Hi Folks,
Sorry for the radio silence. We’ve been working on a brand new App. I think it’s time for us to spill the beans. We’re making what’s called a slit-scan camera. It’s kind of a tool for visualizing movement over time and you can create some really trippy images with it. Here’s a little sample that our genius programmer Andy shot, he calls it “tulips with a twist.” On the left is what he was pointing the camera at while rotating, on the right is the result from slit scan camera.

We’re just putting the finishing touches on now and hope to have it up by the end of the week.


In this amazing and beautiful animation filmmaker Cristobal Vila illustrates different mathematic principles as they naturally occur. It’s so important for students and everyone to see that math has foundations in nature and isn’t just a bunch of disembodied numbers.

I’ve always been fascinated by the simplicity of the Fibonacci sequence and how it seems to show up everywhere.