Prudish Apple Bots Censor Innocent Photography App

Today¬† FunnerLabs released our photo app: Slit-Scan Camera on the iTunes App Store. It was even picked as the “App of the Day” on Gizmodo. We were very proud, but noticed something funny when we checked the Australian App Store. Apple had censored the name “Slit-Scan Camera” and changed it to “S**t-Scan Camera.”

Slit-Scan photography is a technique that has been around since the 60’s. It is as innocent as any photo capture technique can be, but wow,¬† “S**t-Scan” makes it seem really, really dirty.

The overzealous censor bots have auto-replaced every instance of the word “slit” in our text and inadvertently created comic gold with lines like: “automagically move the s**t across the screen as it captures.” I like it, we sound so hardcore. My all time favorite auto-censored line is: “- Use the pinch/unpinch gesture to change the width of the s**t.”

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